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BOARD 2022-2023



Gianna Laura


Gianna is a Senior in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. She is majoring in Psychology. She started dancing the minute she was out of diapers, although most performances consisted of watching her instructors do the dance in the wings and smiling at her parents in the audience until she reached the 3rd grade. Then, she was selected to be part of The Summit School of Dance’s competition team, where she really fell in love with dance (and finally understood that she needed to learn the choreography). She successfully competed and performed with the team through high school. She loves DOBC because it has encouraged her to be more confident and push the boundaries of what she can and can’t do (for example, a former self-proclaimed “ungraceful” dancer found herself in many a dramatic contemporary number). DOBC is filled with a bunch of girls who love to dance and love each other, including some of her best friends in the world, and she cannot wait to have the honor of dancing with everyone and serving on the board.

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