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BOARD 2022-2023


Technical Manager

Sara Barry


Sara is a senior from Avon, Connecticut. She is a Psychology B.S. major with a minor in Global Public Health and the Common Good. Sara started dancing when she was two years old after watching her older sister in dance classes. She trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and musical theatre, while also training in competitive gymnastics for 7 years. When she was 13 she began dancing competitively for her studio The Dance Connection, and continued throughout her senior year of high school. For Sara, DOBC is a place to continue doing what she loves most with a group of people that she loves. DOBC has been one of the best parts of her college experience, and her favorite chapter of her dance career. She is most looking forward to having a rewarding and fun senior year, getting the opportunity to serve on the board and spend time with her favorite people!

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